15th October - the last day

After having taken part in Euroshop 2020 last February, Chillventa eSpecial offers an opportunity to underline the values that we stand out for, summarised in the claim Better Control, Better Environment.

Our solutions, historically focused on obtaining ever higher energy efficiency, help reduce environmental impact and improve air quality in buildings.

The ongoing investments and results of innovation that distinguish CAREL are crucial to achieving these results, not only in terms of energy efficiency, but also as regards the solutions for natural refrigerants, digital&field services and IoT.

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Round tables





Smart Efficiency for Commercial and Residential HVAC units

How High Efficiency technologies and IoT can enanhce performances and service level for HVAC units

Mirco Temporin,
Sergio Maria Capanelli, Luca Poldelmengo


Humidification is Health: why is it worth and how should we humidify healthcare facilities

Relative humidity control is a key factor in the daily operations of an healthcare facility. This speech aims to start by explaining the importance of humidity for the patients' healing process, while then analyzing what are the main features that humidification systems properly design for healthcare should have.

Andrea Oscar Frisiero
Axel Zadina (HygroMatik)

Befeuchtung ist Gesundheit: Warum lohnt es sich und wie sollten wir Gesundheitseinrichtungen befeuchten?

Die Kontrolle der relativen Luftfeuchtigkeit ist ein Schlüsselfaktor im täglichen Betrieb einer Gesundheitseinrichtung. In diesem Vortrag soll zunächst die Bedeutung der Luftfeuchtigkeit für den Heilungsprozess der Patienten erläutert werden. Anschließend besprechen wir, welche Hauptmerkmale Befeuchtungssysteme erfüllten sollten, die für das Gesundheitswesen richtig konzipiert sind.

Axel Zadina
Ralf Kerkfeld


Technical programme





Which is the best solution for commercial and professional plug-in cabinets?

Miriam Solana