Natural refrigerant in waterloop semiplugin systems

Recent regulations for commercial refrigeration are pushing in the direction of phase out of refrigerants with GWP higher than 150. Waterloop solution is already an answer to that, present in the market today. It consists in semiplugin cabinets equipped with a high efficient refrigeration unit onboard, water cooled and using variable speed compressors. It offers the opportunity of extreme refrigerant charge and leakage reduction and consistent energy saving. The next step is the introduction of natural refrigerants in these systems. Both CO2 and Propane solutions are available. CO2 variable speed DC compressors allow operation in transcritical conditions and can be used in MT and LT application. The limit for propane charge is going to be increased in the next months, making it easier to provide cooling in both MT and LT cabinets with a single or double circuit. Compressor are available for the cooling capacities ranging from the small counter to the largest multideck.


Speaker: Nicola Dalla Rizza
Application Specialist Retail Solutions

Eng. Nicola Dalla Rizza holds a degree as Engineer from the University of Padua. He is actively working in the retail department as Application Specialist in the most advanced applications of DC variable speed compressors and stepper electronic expansion valves. He has a significative experience on the use of natural refrigerants, such as CO2 and Propane.
He is mainly involved in the promotion, development and testing phases of innovative solutions such as semi plug-in applications specifically oriented to the commercial refrigeration.


Date: 16.10.2018
Time: 1:20 PM - 1:40 PM
Location: Hall 7A, stand 7A-618