Cold room reinvented, out of the box!

Seamless installation, high reliability and performance: targets that can now be reached in every cold room thanks to the DC Cella SPLIT system approach.

CAREL offers the DC Cella Split concept to partners and customers, bringing additional benefits to their own unique solutions.
It is now possible to provide to the market several all-in-one tailored solutions, comprising DC inverter condensing units, evaporators factory fitted with modulating electronic expansion valves, and powerful and easy-to-use cold room controllers that also act as the system interface and coordinator.

High performance is assured, as well as a new way to help solve the perceived difficulties relating to CO2 technology, with the target of complying with the increasingly restrictive energy consumption and environmental impact regulations.

Constant temperature on stored products, up to 25% energy savings, advanced remote monitoring capabilities, extreme usability, installation/commissioning time reduced by 33% and all the other benefits of CO2 and DC technology in a simple and usable solution, OUT OF THE BOX.

DC Cella SPLIT leverages on our extensive experience in revolutionary products such as HECU, UltraCella and EVD Ice.


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