DC technology in cold rooms: food quality and energy-saving

Cold rooms are one of the most critical application in the cold chain, both for stored-food quality and for energy consumption, even if targeting small-capacity installation due to the market volumes.
Following the increasing request in energy saving, leveraging on the growing DC inverter compressors availability and exploiting consolidated experience in DC technology, CAREL launches a DC inverter control solution for all market players in the distribution market: “CAREL DC Cella Split”, merging all the benefits of already breaking thought solutions like UltraCella, Hecu and EVDice in a vertical solution for cold rooms that feature a seamless installation.
With even higher plug&play benefits compared to a domestic air conditioning split system, DC Cella Split can provide up to 25% energy saving compared to equivalent on/off technology and is enabling optimal food preservation and high operation reliability thanks to CAREL system approach and components continuous optimization.
DC Cella Split is natively compatible with both traditional HFC refrigerants and low environmental impact ones such as CO2.


Speaker: Stefano Soggia

Application Specialist – Refrigeration

Ing. Stefano Soggia, graduated in Electronic Engineering at Padua University and later acquired experience in product management.
Joined CAREL in 2016 in charge of Application Management for refrigerated cold rooms and Wholesaler Channel in the Group Food Service Marketing Unit.


Date: 16.10.2018
Time: 12:20 PM - 12:40 PM
Location: Hall 9, stand 9-531