Efficiency and performance for connected beverage coolers


The beverage cooler segment is facing important challenges expected by both regulations and beverage companies to reduce environmental impact, made high due to the volumes and spread of these types of refrigeration units. Industry needs to respond to these challenges by taking action regarding both direct contributing factors, using natural gases such as propane, and the even more complex indirect ones, reducing energy consumption. These challenges become even more difficult when also considering the need to maintain and where possible increase unit performance, above all during pull-down, a critical stage in the operation of both beverage coolers and merchandisers. Through the synergic use of continuous modulating devices, such as propane rotary DC inverter compressors, proportional electronic expansion valves and modulating DC fans, beverage coolers operating conditions can adapt to each different situation, enabling energy efficiency during both steady operation and pull-down, achieving performance and savings that would not otherwise be attainable. Self-adaptive logic can moreover be used to identify when to operate in high efficiency conditions, or on the other hand when to switch to very high performance mode. Collecting continuously data from unit behaviour and users interaction, machine learning logics improve the number of defrosts, the night working conditions and temperature pull down operations. Heez is the high-efficiency solution for refrigerated merchandisers in which CAREL brings together and anticipates cutting-edge technologies to exceed the efficiency expectations of this market segment. It can be applied today to glass door and open front coolers, but could be expanded also to professional equipment and vending machines. Connectivity is another important asset of this solution and it has been implemented with the use of NFC and Bluetooth technology. Thanks to the development of cloud services and advanced configuration tools the user experience has been strongly improved starting from the production line till to the field’s life of the cooler. Through advanced profiling logic it is possible to manage the parametrization of the unit and download configurations stored on cloud platforms and properly designed by technical office. Integrated IoT connectivity complete Heez solution enabling digital marketing activities and strategies, and improving maintenance activities.


Speaker: Giovanni Tonin
Application Manager - Refrigeration

Ing. Giovanni Tonin, graduated in Management Engineering at Padua University, joined CAREL in 2012, working in the food retail refrigeration business. As an Application Specialist he was responsible for development and deployment of high-efficiency condensing units equipped with DC compressor technology, solutions that are widely used in Asia. In 2016 on the other hand he was specifically focused on CO2 transcritical DC condensing units for the European market. Starting in 2017 he has been working in the commercial refrigeration business, developing high-efficiency solutions for refrigerated merchandisers charged with hydrocarbon refrigerants and featuring innovative connectivity options.

Date: 16.10.2018
Time: 11:20 AM - 11:40 AM
Location: Hall 7A, stand 7A-618