EmJ to boost the CO2 compressor pack efficiency in warm climate

Energy efficiency of transcritical CO2 application in warmer climates is the toughest barrier on carbon dioxide deployment as a refrigerant. CAREL Electronic modulating Ejectors (EmJ) are the cutting-edge solution that increases the energy efficiency of transcritical CO2 systems in warmer climates, sustainably extending the possibility to use CO2 in commercial refrigeration.
The ejector is a mechanical device that using the Venturi effect is able to carry and compress another fluid with a much lower pressure.
The main feature of the solution is the continuous modulation ensured by the CAREL ejector design combined with dedicated control algorithms. Together they allow the system to continuously adapt itself to the typical variations in operating conditions of refrigeration systems.
This speech informs about the results obtained in real installations compared with traditional technologies in warm climates.


Speaker: Cristian Corato

Retail Solution - Customer Care Specialist

Cristian Corato joined CAREL in 2008, working in the Customer Solution Team for food retail refrigeration business. 
He is managing the HQs team supporting key customers and worldwide subsidiaries in strategic projects with latest technology and solutions. 
DC variable speed compressors applications in waterloop, condensing units, CO2 transcritical systems with ejectors and propane plug in systems are the latest commercial refrigeration applications he has managed directly. 
With 10 years of field and customers experience, from the design phase, he's directly involved in the developments of new innovative solutions for food retail applications and specifically managing the testing and trial phases.


Date: 17.10.2018
Time: 10:00 AM - 10:20 AM
Location: Hall 7A, stand 7A-618