• Plus

    • Display, even on remote, of all electrical peaks via an unique user interface.
    • Identification of any abnormal sampling and energy waste
    • Alarms for exceeding the sampling thresholds
    • Scheduling of the loads using specific and detailed periods of time. with exception periods.
    • Flexibility in installation thanks to wireless network support on the Carel rTM standard system.
    • It is able to interface with standard pRack control system (cod. PRK*00*); these two control systems allow you to limit or modulate the supplied refrigerating power, optimising the electrical consumption as to avoid absorption peaks and maintaining at the same time proper functioning of the refrigerating unit.
  • General characteristics

    pLoads is a control system for intelligent management of energy consumption. It allows interface with three-phase energy counter 'CAREL emeter3' and some of the most common three-phase energy counters on the market.
    Available in two sizes (Compact and Large) manages scheduling up to maximum 12 electrical loads.
    Its main feature is the possibility of performing load cutting on thresholds of:
    • Power (kW)
    • Apparent power (kVA)
    • Energy (kWh)
    This allows punctual control on the consumption peaks and helps to avoid exceeding the punitive tariff plans. The loads detachment due to overcoming the consumption threshold respects specific periods of safety and priority foe each load that can be set by the user from remote.
    It also allows the memorisation on Energy, Water and Gas consumption using tools that provide impulses signals.