High efficiency CO2 transcritical DC condensing unit

Giovanni Tonin

CAREL Application Specialist

will present the excellent key performance factors
for CO2 transcritical DC condensing unit
in a speech scheduled for October the 11th at 11.40 a.m. (Hall 7A, Stand 7A-618)


The use of CO2 in Europe as refrigerant in commercial refrigeration is getting more and more common. Starting from the big compressor rack for hypermarket, then with small and cost effective solution for small supermarket, now the attention of the industry is moved to small condensing unit for C-Store and very small formats.
The technology applied in the compressor rack application is not directly applicable in the condensing unit world, historically driven by initial cost and ease of use.
CAREL is offering now a full solution for CO2 transcritical condensing unit able to guarantee

  • Energy efficiency thanks to specific components able to work at very high pressure but specifically design for such small capacity
  • DC compressors technology to further improve the energy efficiency not reachable
  • Full control of the system to guarantee best perfomances and reliability
  • Advanced display and remote connection to maximize the ease of use.

CO2 transcritical condensing unit are available in the market since years but never getting the appropriate success due mostly to unavailability of adequate components (especially compressors) to correctly place this solution into the market.
CAREL already market leader of this application is now proposing a new solution equipped with DC compressors that are able to improve the performances and at the same time reducing overall costs and dimensions of the whole unit.

This speech informs about the excellent key performance factors of BLDC technology in this application and explains the specific control and system demands.

Date: 11.10.2016
Time: 11:40 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Hall 7A, Stand 7A-618
Giovanni Tonin, CAREL Application Specialist