Local Monitoring systems

Local Monitoring systems
  • General characteristics

    Complete and reliable solution for management, monitoring and optimisation of refrigeration (superstores, supermarkets, convenience stores) and air-conditioning systems (buildings, museums, shopping centres).

    Range(from smallest to largest):

    • boss-mini: Compact and efficient solution for small refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, up to 50 units. •
    • boss: Robust and reliable embedded solution for large refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, up to 300 units.

    boss and boss-mini are compliant, as required by EC regulation 37/2005 of 12 January 2005, with standard EN 12380 on temperature recorders for the transport, storage and distribution of chilled, frozen, deep-frozen/quick-frozen food and ice cream

  • Plus

    • Faster system commissioning
    • Data analysis functions to improve service tasks and optimise system operation
    • Energy saving function: Floating Suction Pressure Control - Smooth Line, Dew point management,
    • Parameter control
    • Integration with Carel Enterprise system for centralised data processing