• General characteristics

    powersplit is a control for multiplexed display cases equipped with on-board compressor.
    It is designed to allow for a reduction of the wirings and of the related power components; the power board has been designed to eliminate the support terminal block.
    The range consists of a 4 or 6-relay power board with clock (optional) and optical sensor for light detection, with terminal for separate user terminal. The user terminals are available in small format (drill template 29x71mm) and large format (drill template 138,5x23mm).
    The models equipped with clock can guarantee the control of the preserved food temperature according to the requirements of the HACCP directive.
    Powersplit allows for the control of multiplexed defrosting (up to 6 units), thanks to the local LAN network, interconnecting serially the power boards. In addition to defrosting, thanks to the local network you can also centralize the controls and alarms.

    EN 13485, air, S,A,1, -30°C +30°C
    The ir33 series, equipped with standard Carel NTC probe, meets the specifications of the EN 13485 standard (thermometers for measuring the air temperature for applications on storage and distribution units for chilled, frozen, deep-frozen/quick-frozen food and ice cream) set as mandatory for the storage of frozen and deep frozen food by the EC Regulation 37/2005 of January 12, 2005.