• General characteristics

    MPXzero is the series developed especially for the simple and complete control of multiplexed refrigeration units


    In addition to the standard management of a refrigerated cabinet (control, defrosting, fans, lights and main/secondary local network management), it has the following strengths:

    • the ease of use of a typical plug-and-play product, without the need to add external modules;
    • captivating ‘Made in Italy’ aesthetics for more modern units, both in terms of appearance and functions.


    The user experience is fundamental and is always at the centre of the product. Wireless connectivity (NFC, Bluetooth) via smartphone applications extends the traditional user interface from the actual display to the user’s mobile device, simplifying day-to-day tasks.

  • Plus

    Immediate integration into BMS systems

    The BMS serial port can be used connect directly to supervisory systems, without needing an external converter.

    Local network management

    The Fielbus serial port ca be used to synchronise actions (such as defrosts and lights and share probes) between uniform groups of cabinets.

    Touch screen user interface

    The capacitive display, the wide viewing angle and the frameless and flat design improve the aesthetics of the units.

    Simplified interaction

    Controlling the unit has never been easier. The design and architecture of the app make access to control information, documentation and operating conditions intuitive and immediate. Everything at your fingertips