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MPXone MPXone
  • General characteristics

    MPXone is the series of controllers for multiplexed refrigeration units that combines the ease of use of an entry-level controller, with the advanced performance typical of top-of-the-range models. 

    Designed on a flexible and scalable platform, this product is available in different versions (with panel or DIN rail mounting) each featuring an incremental level of performance. From standard management of a cabinet equipped with a thermostatic/solenoid valve, to integration of modulating devices such as fans and unipolar electronic valves (external driver or built-in option). 

    MPXone also stands out for the extension of the connectivity concept. Indeed, wireless connectivity is integrated using NFC and Bluetooth technologies, thus revolutionising the way of interacting with the controllers, via mobile devices.


    The main features of MPXone include:

    • Complete management of a refrigerated cabinet for supermarket applications
    • Integrated BMS for connection to local monitoring systems
    • Management of local networks with Main/Secondary architecture, up to 10 devices
    • Advanced logic for the control of modulating devices, such as rail heaters, anti-sweat devices, fans and unipolar electronic valves 
    • Wireless connectivity using NFC and Bluetooth technology for interaction via mobile devices
    • Large LED display, multicolour icons and backlit buttons.
    • Modular hardware available in either panel or DIN rail mounting
  • Plus

    In addition to management of synchronised actions between groups of uniform cabinets and connection to supervisory systems, MPXone stands out for:

    Energy efficiency

    Management of modulating loads and Fieldbus devices improves unit energy performance by adapting operation to current conditions.

    System modernisation

    The possibility to add electronic valve management without replacing the existing cabinets makes it easier to upgrade old systems.

    Optimal temperature stabilisation

    Through fine and constant control of refrigerant flow, together with the most advanced software logic, the shelf life of goods can be extended, without reprocessing.

    Simplified interaction

    Controlling the unit has never been easier. The design and architecture of the app make access to control information, documentation and operating conditions intuitive and immediate. Everything at your fingertips.