S1M* / AX3*
  • Plus

    Always-on connectivity

    Both in the field via integrated BMS and Fieldbus serial ports, and wireless via NFC™ and Bluetooth® technologies.

    New interaction experience

    Using the advanced tools available for both PCs and mobile devices

    High efficiency

    Through management of modulating loads and serial integration of the most innovative energy saving devices


  • General characteristics

    MPXone extends and upgrades the MPX range of products for the control of multiplex refrigeration units.

    Designed on a flexible and scalable platform, this product meets all the needs of the market for this application.

    In addition to complete control of the refrigeration unit, MPXone further extends the concept of connectivity. As well as managing synchronised actions between uniform groups of cabinets and connecting to supervisory systems, wireless connectivity is integrated using NFC and Bluetooth technology, thus revolutionising the way users interact with the controller.

    User simplicity, an upgraded appearance and high efficiency achieved through the management of modulating devices, are among the strengths of this solution.


    The main features of MPXone are:

    • Complete management of a multiplex refrigerated cabinet for supermarket applications;
    • Management of local networks with Master/Slave architecture and up to 10 devices;
    • Integrated BMS for connection to local monitoring systems;
    • Wireless connectivity via NFC and Bluetooth technology for interaction with mobile devices;
    • Upgrade appearance, with large LED display, multicolour icons and backlit buttons;
    • Easy installation, either panel mounted or DIN rail.