Variable Frequency Drive

Variable Frequency Drive
  • General characteristics

    The variable frequency drive for AC applications represents CAREL's most flexible solution for managing variable flow-rate thermodynamic circuits: an inverter that can control the rotation speed of traditional AC induction motors. Speed modulation allows devices such as fans, pumps and compressors to adapt the flow-rate delivered based on instant load requirement, thus ensuring best system control and at the same time lower energy consumption

    CAREL has a wide range of products available for every need, from single-phase to three-phase power supply, in a variety of sizes: from 0.37 to 75 kW. In addition, all products come with a built-in display, IP20 and IP55 international protection for the same size. A new smarter and more compact solution, which can easily adapt even to the most extreme environments, thanks to a special resin treatment on the PCB and a working temperature range extending above 50° *. 


    Some examples where the product can be used are: 

    • modulation of fan speed on air handling units;
    • modulation of compressor capacity;
    • modulation of flow-rate on pumps supplying the systems and evaporator pumps in chillers;
    • condensing pressure control on ventilation units.


    *refer to the specific product technical manual