humiFog (NA)

humiFog (NA)
  • General characteristics

    humiFog is an adiabatic spray humidifier that uses the pressure produced by a pump and nozzles mounted on a rack to atomise demineralised water into micrometric droplets inside air handling unit ducting or directly in the room being humidified. 
    The technology used makes humiFog a highly-efficient and precise unit. 
    Efficiency is ensured by the high pressure obtained: the volumetric piston pump can deliver pressures of up to 70 bars, which, together with the special nozzles, generates atomised water in droplets measuring around 15 µm in diameter. 

    Precision is guaranteed by several factors: 

    • the inverter, which modulates the pump speed to mirror demand, with an accuracy of up to 2% 
    • the solenoid valves on the rack divide the flow delivered into steps, so as to meet instant demand
    • the Carel electronic controller (c.pCO) ensures advanced and precise control of system operation and parameters 

    humiFog Multizone, in addition to humidification, can also be used for evaporative cooling, both direct and indirect: the possibility to manage multiple zones in a main and secondary configuration makes it an ideal solution for these applications. 
    Thanks to these unique features, humiFog can be installed in any environment and for many different applications, from comfort to delicate industrial processes. Hygiene certification in compliance with VDI 6022 means it can also be installed in hospitals and clean rooms.

    humiFog is available in 100, 200, 320, 460, 600 and 1000 l/h sizes. The distribution system (rack) is designed according to customer requirements, with custom dimensions and capacities based on the project and air handling unit specifications.

  • Plus

    • energy saving: very low power consumption while providing dozens of kW in cooling capacity
    • main and secondary configuration to serve up to 6 independent zones with just one pumping unit
    • certified hygiene thanks to the use of demineralised water, washing cycles, complete water drainage and use of compliant materials, without the need to use chemicals and biocides 
    • high capacities up to 1000 l/h for applications such as paint booths and data centres