boss one

“PCOG***WE0 / PCOD***WE0”
boss one
  • General characteristics

    boss one has the same size and shape as pCOWeb SE, in order to ensure compatibility with all CAREL programmable controllers that featured the BMS card option. The software, on the other hand, differs substantially from pCOWeb, with the introduction of numerous features that cover the same applications yet with much high levels of IT security, usability and flexibility. All exploiting the experience and reliability inherited from the boss range, which the boss one internal logic and user interface are based on.

    boss one is available in two SW versions, called “gateway” and “supervisor”: both can manage a single unit, but differ in terms of the type of application they refer to. The “gateway” version has been created to mainly allow integration of the unit into a local BMS that communicates via Modbus, BACnet and SNMP protocols. The “supervisor” version, on the other hand, is intended for applications that, in addition to the field protocols, require supervisory features, such as managing log files, sending emails or instant messages for alarms, and communicating with the outside world (Internet) to CAREL cloud systems or third-party systems via XML or MQTT protocol.

  • Plus


    • Access security through user and profile management, centralised with LDAP systems where necessary, password and password expiry security control and blocking of users in the event of multiple incorrect password entry attempts.
    • Secure data transmission by management of encrypted protocols for browsing the web, sending emails and exchanging data with third-party systems.


    • Flexibility in configuring the protocols through a web interface that can be used to set the index and property for each individual variable
    • Flexibility in user management, through profiling to enable or prevent individual users or groups from accessing the various sections of the software application.

    Smart user interface

    • Easy troubleshooting in the field through an intuitive user interface that can be accessed from mobile devices.
    • Easily customised user interface using the integrated features on the web pages to changed images/logos and through the possibility to create maps with the c.web tool.