mc NA

mc NA
  • General characteristics

    Automatic nozzle self-cleaning system.
    Each cabinet, Main and Secondary, periodically activates a cycle for drying and cleaning the atomising nozzles. A special piston driven by a powerful spring periodically removes any mineral salts deposited in the opening of the nozzles, thus significantly reducing the frequency of cleaning operations.
  • Plus

    Guaranteed hygiene
    MCmultizone ensures a very high level of hygiene, as a result of:
    • automatic emptying of the water line whenever the unit stops;
    • automatic periodical washing of the water line when the unit is not operating.
    This prevents the nozzles from spraying stagnant water. In addition, an effective UV steriliser lamp, installed upstream of the MCmultizone, shines UV light on the flow of supply water, helping to eliminate any biological contaminants that may be present, such as bacteria, viruses, mould, spores and yeast.
    Water quality for MCmultizone systems:
    The constructional and functional features of the MCmultizone allow the use of untreated drinking water. Nonetheless, the quantity and the quality of dissolved minerals affect the frequency of the routine maintenance operations (mainly involving the periodical cleaning of the nozzles) and the quantity of mineral dust deposited by the droplets of water after these have completely evaporated. Demineralised supply water by reverse osmosis should be used. This is also recommended by the main standards, such as UNI 8884, VDI6022 and VDI3803.

    Air compressor
    The MCmultizone requires compressed air, provided by an external compressor, not supplied by CAREL. The volume of air at standard atmospheric pressure required to atomise one litre of water is 1.27 Nm3/h, compressed to a pressure between 4 and 10 bars.

    Other new features
    As well as the alarm relay, a unit status relay and digital inputs are now available to enable MCmultizone for operation based on a signal from the compressor, water treatment system and air flow sensor.