Single-phase for stand-alone unit (FCP)

Single-phase for stand-alone unit (FCP)
  • General characteristics

    FCP is a speed controller for single-phase fans on stand-alone units with up to two circuits. It controls the fan speed according to the variation in pressure in the condenser circuit, so as to maintain the set point, via a 0 to 5 V signal from the ratiometric pressure transducer (SPKT*R0) positioned in the water circuit.
    This device is used for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications, and is installed directly on the condensing unit, thanks to the case with IP54 index of protection.
    It can control single-phase electric motors, with a load of up to 8 A/230 Vac.
    Available in the Main/Secondary or power version (as for the current MCHRTF80A0, in the IP54 version).