• General characteristics

    The instrument saves the temperature from two points of measurement, at set time intervals. The data can also be transferred to a PC in two different modes:
    • by creating a fixed connection
    • by transferring the data to a portable infrared receiver for subsequent downloading to a computer
    Product certification 
    Datalogger is compliant, as required by EC regulation 37/2005 of 12 January 2005, with standard EN 12380 on temperature recorders for the transport, conservation and sale of refrigerated, frozen and deep-frozen food and ice cream. Datalogger is also compliant with standard EN13485.
  • Plus

    • Independent recording of two temperatures for over one year;
    • possibility to look up the values saved  directly on the display;
    • dual data download mode: infrared and serial;
    • possibility to store and print the data saved directly from a PC.