• General characteristics

    The main board in the e-dronic system (e-drofan) can manage units featuring fans with three fixed speeds and exchanger coils (main and secondary).
    Ideal for systems in the home, it can be adapted to any type of fan coil installation. The board manages and controls the fan speed and the local zone network.
    One board must be installed on each fan coil; the board is already fitted for serial communication.
    Using the optional valve board, e-drofan can also control the hot and cold water valves, and manage other important functions such as the signals from the boiler and chiller/heat pumps.
    The boards installed on the different fan coils can be managed as main or as main/secondary in a very wide variety of configurations. The e-dronic system (complete with graphic interface and serial communication boards) can therefore respond to very different needs.
    For applications that require a limited number of fan coils, such as single shops or offices, the zone broadcast solution can be adopted, while for a higher number of fan coils installed over larger distances, the extended broadcast solution is used.
    When the application needs to manage different zones, the recommended solution is the integrated hybrid e-drobus configuration for smaller installations (homes) and the extended configuration for larger applications. The same configuration includes a variant for managing flexible spaces (open space offices): multimaster e-drobus.
    In addition, the integrated Modbus® RTU protocol and a RS485 optional board can be added to integrate the e-dronic system directly into BMS systems.