easy heating/cooling

easy heating/cooling
  • General characteristics

    easy S6 heating/cooling is dedicated to the preservation of the products that require very accurate management of the temperature ranges.

    Thanks to 2 independent regulation logics, easy heating/cooling can simultaneously control a refrigerator and a heater.

    The heating/cooling logics available are the neutral area or the double set point, both with unique probe or with double temperature probe. These logics are easy to configure thanks to 4 sets of parameters already present in the control, by simply changing the "EZY" parameter.

    As well as these configurations, thanks to the flexibility of the two independent logics, easy heating/cooling can also be configured to work in double step logic; it can therefore simultaneously control two refrigerators or two heaters.

    When regulation with double probe is set, the display can show both the temperature values, alternating every 10 seconds.

  • Plus

    It is suitable for multiple applications such as:

    • chilled cabinets for bottles of wine;
    • counters for the presentation of food, buffet cabinets, preservation cabinets;
    • fish tanks;
    • cooled and heated water dispensers;
    • thermostatic cabinets, incubators, thermal chambers;
    • home brewing of beer;
    • air conditioners for electronic equipment (telecommunications, data processing centres).