E2V - B for Ammonia

E2V-BS1*; E2V-BS0*
E2V - B for Ammonia
  • General characteristics

    The CAREL E2V electronic expansion valves for low capacity applications combine high reliability and precise control, guaranteed by the equal percentage characteristic of the movable element and the 15 mm stroke without axial rotation.
    The wide range available can cover all applications that require cooling capacities up to 40 kW. The possibility of operation with fluid flow in both directions is especially useful when the valve is used for heat pump applications, moreover simplifying refrigerant circuit layout and reducing installation costs. Fitted on all sizes, the Teflon gasket on the movable element guarantees perfect tightness on closing.

    The E2V-BS1 or E2VBS0 valve is made using high quality laser welding and premium grade materials, such as AISI 316; it has specific features enabling it to be used with ammonia (R717).