E4V - F (hermetic)

E4V - F (hermetic)
E4V - F (hermetic) E4V - F (hermetic) E4V - F (hermetic)
  • General characteristics

    The CAREL E4V electronic valve is designed to act as the expansion device on medium/high capacity chillers and air-conditioning systems, up to a cooling capacity of 280 kW.
    Reliability, wide control capacity, fluid flow in both directions: these three features are all ensured by the E4V expansion valve, satisfying the need for a high product quality combined with operating and installation versatility.
    The E4V-F is the hermetic version of the E4V valve family, also designed for flammable refrigerants.
    The E4V-F incorporates the same features as the demountable version, such as high quality welding, three different sizes and the options with or without sight glass.