E3V - B (hermetic)

E3V - B (hermetic)
E3V - B (hermetic) E3V - B (hermetic)
  • General characteristics

    The CAREL E3V electronic expansion valves cover a range of cooling capacities up to 180kW, and represent the Carel solution for medium-capacity valves.
    The E3V has been designed with special care to the minimum details, so as to ensure a wide control capacity and at the same time guarantee high reliability with fluid flow in both directions: the latter feature is especially useful and advantageous for heat pump applications.
    This product has been designed to be installed as the expansion valve in refrigerant circuits, and uses a pressure probe and temperature probe to calculate superheat, which is used as the control signal.

    Starting from July 2014, the E3V-B valve will progressively replace the E3V-A and E3V-U valves in the Carel E3V product line. The new range will feature five different sizes, three of which (45, 55, 65) fitted with two-pole motors, and two (35, 45) with single-pole motors. The main characteristic that will distinguish these valves from the previous versions is that the connections are completely welded; an additional strength is the versatility of the possible applications the valve can be used in.