• General characteristics

    The E5V, E6V, E7V valves complete the CAREL range of electronic expansion valves, and are designed for high capacity chillers, air-conditioning systems and heat pumps. These devices have been developed with the aim of meeting the typical energy saving requirements of these systems, where optimum control is an essential factor in terms of costs and management.
    The E5V, E6V, E7V valves allow two-way flow, with refrigerant inlet and outlet in-line: this means the pressures involved are perfectly balanced; they also come with an incorporated sight glass, used to monitor movement of the movable element and refrigerant flow inside the circuit. Flow is controlled effectively even at low flow-rates, thanks to the design of the movable element with equal percentage characteristic.
    The modular design of the CAREL valves for high capacity solutions simplifies maintenance and inspection of the individual parts, as the valves are made using removable components that can be assembled during installation.

    The E6V valves cover a range of cooling capacities up to 1300 kW; available in one size only, with 36 ohm two-pole motor.