Restaurant chain

Restaurant chain Restaurant chain
  • General characteristics

    With a wide range of solutions for commercial refrigeration, CAREL offers itself as a reliable and innovative technological partner to manufacturers of refrigerated counters, display cases and cabinets used in catering, ice cream parlours, confectioner's, bars and restaurants. The objective is the total satisfaction of all sector operators (manufacturers, distributors, installers, system integrators and final users) through the offer of solutions dedicated to the control of refrigeration systems, aiming at user-friendliness, compliance with standards and energy efficiency.
  • Plus

    • Usability: the in-depth knowledge of the sector application and market demands has allowed the design of new technologically advanced, user-friendly products, with particular attention to detail. As well as guaranteeing quality in the preservation of food, the CAREL solutions are intuitive for the user, have exquisite aesthetics and are easily assembled.
    • Energy saving: thanks to the continuous evolution of CAREL controllers, it is possible to guarantee suitable performance for new demands. On one hand, the replacement of mechanical thermostats with electronic versions, on the other hand the use of the electronic expansion valve in order to optimise performance of the refrigerating system depending on the different climatic conditions, which change throughout the year.
    • Integration into the refrigerating unit: Manufacturers of counters, cabinets and refrigerated display cases always want to differentiate their offering. Using electronics and the user interface, manufacturers transmit the innovative content of their products. Therefore, having an intuitive user interface, on the application and integrated into the unit is a new critical factor for success.