Remote operation centre

Remote operation centre
  • General characteristics

    A ROC (Remote Operation Centre) is a structure established on qualified human resources, computer systems and state-ofthe- art technology.
    The final target is to supply added-value services to several customers that have the same demands and requirements. The world of cooling and the world of comfort increasingly highlight opportunities linked to remote management and monitoring, leading
    to the creation of new service-oriented business models.
    In order to give best support to customers and facilitate the development of these new markets, CAREL offers a complete and reliable solution, representing an application and technological partner at all levels of the supervision system chain. From controllers on site to the individual system up to central information systems.
  • Plus

    • Connected anywhere: thanks to the most modern computer technologies, CAREL offers user-friendly and quick configuration systems. Operators in the office or maintenance technicians on site can access the same information easily and quickly, thanks to the integration of devices such as Smartphones or tablets.
    • 24/7 System: the operator will have the real time situation of all alarms coming from the various systems available. Immediate viewing of times and maintenance notes assist with troubleshooting, in order to supply feedback to the user and improve the quality of service, thus creating a shared knowledge base at the same time.
    • Added-value information: no longer data will be confined to individual systems but centralised for the creation of value-added information. The call centre offers services regarding reports, consultancy on optimisation, remote commissioning. Services that help customers concentrate on their business and find a reliable and successful partner in the call centre.