EVD mini

EVD mini
  • General characteristics

    Even if the advantages guaranteed by electronic valves are now universally recognised, many users still prefer mechanical valves, considering them (incorrectly) easier to install and commission.
    For this reason, EVD mini was introduced with the aim of facilitating the introduction of electronic valves. EVD mini is a very competitive driver with extremely simple configuration, capable of significantly improving the efficiency of any circuit.
    The distinctive features of this driver can therefore be summarised as follows: EVD mini is a single, unipolar driver able to meet the needs of a wide range of users, offering both basic and advanced driver functions through an extraordinarily simple user interface.

    Simplicity that therefore translates into ease of use: EVD mini has been designed according to CAREL’s philosophy of providing extensive integration of different products. In other words, EVD mini represents the entry point to the universe of CAREL products, and as a result - if the user’s needs require an evolution to more sophisticated control systems - allows simple transition to much more complex and powerful architectures.