EVD Evolution Twin

EVD Evolution Twin
  • General characteristics

    EVD Evolution Twin is a controller comprising two drivers for two-pole stepper motors that can independently manage two electronic expansion valves. 

    The device is designed for DIN rail mounting and comes with plug-in screw terminals. Each driver can control refrigerant superheat and optimise refrigerant circuit performance, and at the same time guarantee maximum system flexibility, being compatible with various types of refrigerants and valves, in applications that use chillers, air-conditioners and refrigeration units, including subcritical and transcritical CO2 systems. 

    Main functions:

    • independent management of two electronic expansion valves;
    • superheat control with high pressure, low pressure and low superheat protection;
    • special functions such as hot gas bypass, evaporator pressure regulation (EPR) and control of the valve downstream of the gas cooler in transcritical CO2 circuits;
    • superheat control optimisation for air-conditioning units fitted with digital scroll compressors, when suitably connected to a specific CAREL controller via LAN, with the possibility to activate one or more tuning procedures;
    • assisted start-up procedure, selecting just 4 parameters (or just three if using the device to control Carel valves);
    • removable graphic LCD, multi-language interface with online help for the parameters and SI or imperial units of measure;
    • copy configuration parameters from one EVD Evolution Twin controller to another from the removable display;
    • user management with password to access different configuration levels;
    • use of low-power ratiometric pressure transducers with 4 to 20 mA output (these can be shared between up to 5 drivers), useful in multiplexed applications;
    • advanced alarm management.