• General characteristics

    Ultracap is the new emergency power supply device for systems that use electronic expansion valves: this device ensures complete closing of the valves even when there are sudden mains power failures.

    Exploiting ELDC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor) technology, Ultracap can supply immediate, reliable and clean emergency energy, representing a major step forwards compared to conventional battery-based systems, including as regards disposal of used materials during routine maintenance. 

    Ultracap has been designed to be extremely reliable and give 10 years' trouble-free silent operation, without requiring periodical checks or having to replace the batteries; moreover, the exceptional tightness of CAREL valves eliminates the need for solenoid valves even in the most critical applications.

    Ultracap means immediate energy: just five minutes (four minutes if using the device to control CAREL valves) after power is restored, the system is already recharged and active.