• General characteristics

    Steam humidifiers that exploit the heat value of gas, with the possibility of indoor and outdoor installation (IAS 12-94) for temperatures from -40 to 45°C.
    Production ranges from 45 kg/h to 450 kg/h, using the latest generation CAREL controllers that meet the latest requirements of Industry 4.0.
    The exclusive design of the heat exchanger ensures high efficiency (94-96%) and easy maintenance. Made from stainless steel, it guarantees long life even in heavy-duty working conditions and with both mains and demineralised water.
    The price gap between gas and electricity makes gaSteam the ideal choice for more demanding applications, where steam is required for many hours a day.
    Continuous modulation of steam flow-rate means this unit is also suitable for precision applications.
    Easy to install, it features a room-sealed combustion chamber with premix burner and gas control valve with double safety closing; it is moreover equipped with multiple safety devices and comes with ETL and CE certification (attested by TÜV-DVGW).
    The steam and flue gas outlets are pre-assembled, with constructional features to minimise the units’ footprint, allowing installation up against a wall.
    gaSteam features easy and immediate configuration and operation, thanks to the graphic touchscreen display and a simple and intuitive configuration wizard.

  • Plus

    Production from 45 kg/h to 450 kg/h

    The gaSteam proposal includes a wide range of production capacities (45-450 kg/h), which can be increased considerably by connecting up to 20 units in series.

    Operating temperature from -40°C to 45°C

    gaSteam is available in the indoor and outdoor versions, designed to withstand both high temperatures and especially climates or environments where the temperatures are very low (-40T45°C (-49T113°F)).

    High efficiency (94-96%)

    The exclusive design of the heat exchanger ensures high efficiency (94-96%) and easy maintenance. Made from stainless steel to ensure a long life with any feedwater.

    Fuel supply

    gaSteam can be supplied with natural gas or LPG: the gas is selected directly in the pre-mix burner calibration software. No modifications to the mechanical parts of the unit are required to switch gas.


    gaSteam is suitable for precision applications, thanks to continuous capacity modulation from 25% (12.5%
    for UG180 and UG300) to 100% (giving a precision of up to +/-2% around the set point).