Gas Sensor leakage

Gas Sensor leakage
  • General characteristics

    The refrigerant gas leak sensor is a device that signals leakages of common gases.

    It can be used in stand-alone applications, or integrated into CAREL controllers or third party devices. Connection to CAREL controllers is made using an analogue or digital output or Modbus® RS485 serial connection. When leaks are detected exceeding a certain concentration, the sensor sends an alarm signal to the controller, activating a local audible and visual warning and a relay (SPDT). This allows prompt identification of gas leaks, avoiding having to shut the unit down and at the same protecting any people in the vicinity. Available in versions with a semiconductor or infrared detector.

  • Plus

    • Connectivity with boss and boss mini

    The infrared version offers:
    • Accuracy in detecting low-loss (ppm);
    • Calibration that reacts only to the specific gas;
    • Stability to changes in climate, temperature and humidity;
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