Wi-Fi GATEWAY for boss applications

Wi-Fi GATEWAY for boss applications
Wi-Fi GATEWAY for boss applications Wi-Fi GATEWAY for boss applications
  • General characteristics

    In local supervision applications, managed using solutions from the boss family, there is growing demand to integrate devices that are typically not accessible, due to constraints in laying the RS485 cables. Such demand is even greater in the case of partial building renovations (retrofits).

    The Wi-Fi version of the new wireless gateways helps overcome this limit, transforming an RS485 Modbus connection into a Modbus Wi-Fi connection, which can in turn be connected to the boss Wi-Fi network. This HW combination increases the number of possible applications of the boss family supervisors.

  • Plus

    Easy installation

    The Wi-Fi gateway, due to its compact dimensions and plug-in terminals, and the use of the standard Wi-Fi protocol, is easy to install and set up

    Obstacles overcome

    Integrating the Wi-Fi gateway with boss makes it possible to supervise devices installed in places that are not accessible to the RS485 Modbus network


    The Wi-Fi connection saves time and money in laying the RS485 cable in places where, even if possible in theory, this would be difficult and costly due to structural obstacles