iJF for food storage and display

iJF for food storage and display
  • General characteristics

    iJF is the specific family of controllers for food storage and display, derived from the iJ platform for the HO.RE.CA market.
    iJF has been designed to be installed on OEM refrigeration units, offering a new platform supported by CAREL’s more than thirty years of know-how in the refrigeration controller sector. 
    Special attention has been paid to customisation possibilities, both aesthetic and functional.
    iJF has a unique and characteristic design and can be harmoniously integrated into the cabinet, thanks to the numerous aesthetic customisation variants. 
    The hardware customisation possibilities available on the iJ platform are aimed at maximising performance, with a view to energy saving. Specifically, various hardware solutions are available to drive variable speed compressors (VCC) via serial, manage modulating devices, and control humidity.
    The iJF family of refrigeration controllers is available with a specific IoT support offering, complete with local and remote services that either exploit the integrated connectivity or use external devices, making iJ the best choice for commercial refrigeration.


    Know more: ij.carel.com

  • Plus


    NFC connectivity, available on the entire range, allows the unit to be programmed even when the controller is powered off, while the Bluetooth® option enables live monitoring of variables and access to the temperature log. The temperature and alarm logs are easy to export, simplifying compliance with the requirements of the HACCP protocol.

    Humidity management

    New for the electronic controller segment is a dedicated option for reading a humidity probe and thus manage applications that require fine control of ambient conditions. The analogue input is 0-5 V ratiometric.


    The controller’s aesthetics can be customised regarding both the graphics and colours. Coloured digits and faceplates with different textures to better integrate iJ into the cabinet. Up to 6 customisable buttons available on the SMALL version, and up to 8 on the LARGE version.

    Energy Saving

    To maximise cabinet energy performance, the iJ platform can manage variable-capacity coaAempressors (VCC), up to two modulating devices for dimming lights or variable-speed fans, or even frequency-controlled compressors. The offering is completed by specific algorithms for the management of cooler logic, developed based on extensive experience in the field.


    The high index of protection (IP65) means iJ can be installed even in aggressive environments, such as professional kitchens. Special attention has been paid to the development of the frameless and flat front panel with integrated gasket, for easy cleaning and ensuring the highest level of hygiene.


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