iJS for scientific applications

iJS for scientific applications
  • General characteristics

    iJS is the specific family of electronic controllers for scientific applications, derived from the iJ platform.
    iJS has been designed to be installed on OEM refrigeration units, offering a new platform supported by CAREL’s more than thirty years of know-how in the refrigeration controller sector.
    Special attention has been paid to extended customisation possibilities, both aesthetic and functional, always considering the importance of day-to-day usability.


    The hardware customisation possibilities available on the iJ platform are aimed at maximising reliability and performance, with specific solutions for energy saving
    In particular, various options are available that allow complete management of a backup battery for operation even during blackouts, control of variable-speed compressors (VCC) via serial line, management of modulating devices to improve energy efficiency, and humidity control for the highest quality product preservation.

    The iJS family of refrigeration electronic controllers is available with a specific IoT support offering, complete with local and remote services that either exploit the embedded connectivity features or use external devices, making iJS the best choice for scientific applications.  


    Know more: ij.carel.com

  • Plus

    Fast and effective interaction / Usability 

    To complete the day-to-day procedures required by law, interaction needs to be simple and intuitive.
    The dedicated temperature logging function allows end users to easily recall and export the minimum and maximum temperatures reached on the unit.

    Built-in backup battery

    To ensure that the products have been stored in a compliant temperature range, especially in the event of blackouts, temperature monitoring needs to be active at all times.
    The built-in battery management module ensures the controller remains active even during a power failure. The main strengths of the solution are:

    • Direct connection to the battery
    • No external charging system
    • Compatibility with a wide range of battery ratings


    NFC connectivity, available on the entire range, allows the unit to be programmed even when the controller is powered off, while the Bluetooth® option enables live monitoring of variables and access to the temperature log. The temperature and alarm logs are easy to export, simplifying compliance with different local health safety protocol requirements.
    Built-in, complete RS485 port (no external converters needed), allowing the possibility of always-on connectivity to ensure prompt service and complete storage reports.

    Energy Saving

    To maximise cabinet energy performance, the iJ platform can manage variable-capacity compressors (VCC), up to two modulating devices for dimming lights or variable-speed fans, or even frequency-controlled compressors. The offering is completed by specific algorithms for the management of cooler logic, developed based on extensive experience in the field.

    Ultra Low Temperature ready

    Certain vaccines need to be stored at very low temperatures, below -50°C.
    One of the possible technical solutions is to use two circuits in cascade, in which the first-stage evaporator is coupled to the second-stage condenser. 
    Dedicated logic is available on the iJS to manage two circuits simultaneously in cascade, the stage activation priorities and the related alarms.
    iJS is also compatible with temperature probes featuring specific degrees of accuracy and measurement ranges suitable for ULT applications.