• General characteristics

    MasterCase2 represents the most advanced solution for the complete control of refrigerating utilities, such as showcases and cold rooms, and is therefore ideal for applications in supermarkets. It combines the management of PT1000 probes (see the corresponding model) and power relays for the direct management of the electrical loads.
    Up to 7 probes can be connected, configured as NTC, 0 to 5 V (PT1000) 4 to 20 mA, while there are 8 relay outputs for the control of compressors/solenoid valves, evaporator fans, defrost, alarm, hot wire, lights, aux1 and aux2. MasterCase2 can control a PWM on/off electronic expansion valve or alternatively, with the optional driver board, an expansion valve with stepper motor, such as the CAREL E2V.
    MasterCase2 can be connected in a local network for the Main/Secondary management of multiplexed showcases. A series of optional accessories is available for installation on the MasterCase2, such as: clock board and serial boards for interfacing to a supervisory system.