• General characteristics

    The motherboard, which contains the microprocessor, featuring advanced electronic technology (MGE® technology), and the "power" part with the relay outputs.
    The I/O consist of 3 analogue inputs for NTC temperature probes (plus 1 NTC and 1 ratiometric pressure probe in the version for electronic valves), 5 programmable digital inputs, 7 relay outputs, 2 of which auxiliary that can be configured as desired.
    The powerful software embedded in MasterCase allows complete and precise management of all the types of refrigeration cabinets, as well as considerable energy savings. Each MasterCase can be configured either as the Main or as a Secondary for the creation of a local network for the management of multi-evaporator utilities (multiplexed cabinets) allowing the synchronisation of defrosts, the sharing of the values read by the probes, as well as the copying of the programmed parameters from the Main to the Secondary (download).
    In the MasterCase version for electronic valves (MGE0000020), the driver card for the electronic valve is soldered directly onto the motherboard