MasterCase user terminals

MasterCase user terminals
  • General characteristics

    Small display
    This terminal has the same appearance and drilling template (32x74 mm) as all the controllers in the plug-in series.
    The innovations introduced with this new-concept controller have been focused on maintaining the same "feel" for those who use the instruments in the plug-in range. This is important in both aesthetic and functional terms, as new users of this controller require very little time to be able to fully exploit all the functions.

    Large display
    As well as being aesthetically pleasing, this display features numerous functions. The display has 4 digits, the keypad has silicon buttons and is thus more ergonomic and reliable than the classic polycarbonate version. The buttons are backlit and easy to use, providing direct access to the functions: HACCP, light, defrost and continuous cycle. This display can also be easily and economically customised, thanks to the removable frame. One very important featere is its size: just 22 mm. deep.


    Display terminal (PST*VR*)
    This can always be connected in parallel to the user terminal for the setting parameters.
    It can be used to display the temperature from the third probe, located in the hot point of the cabinet as envisioned by the standard EN 441-13