µC3 NA

µC3 NA
  • General characteristics

    The µC3 series is the top of the µC range.
    It has been designed to satisfy the most demanding and important manufacturers in the sector who require increasingly high performance and competitive products. µC3 can be installed with or without the DIN rail case, the wiring system is plug-in with Molex® connectors. The case guarantees a high index of protection, reduces the risk of electrostatic discharges and reduces the assembly times for the entire system.
     µC3 can manage up to six hermetic compressors or two semi-hermetic compressors in a maximum of 2 circuits, with the possibility to control one electronic expansion valve per circuit. With the large number of inputs and outputs, it can completely control air/water
    units, chillers and heat pumps, water/water units with reversal of the gas circuit, air- and water-cooled units with and without reverse cycle, air/air units, and air/air heat pumps.
    Using an optional RS485 communication board, µC3 can be interfaced with the Carel PlantVisor supervisory system, or alternatively, using the embedded Modbus® RTU protocol, ensures open connectivity to third-party BMS systems. Furthermore, to ensure greater safety and simpler maintenance and monitoring of the air-conditioning systems, µC3, using the optional RS232 board, can receive and send SMS messages via a GSM modem. µC3 has a built-in tLAN port for the connection of the local LED terminal or the driver for electronic expansion valves (alternatives).