pCO5 (I/O board)

pCO5 (I/O board)
pCO5 (I/O board) pCO5 (I/O board) pCO5 (I/O board)
  • General characteristics

    The new proposal from CAREL in its range of programmable controllers is the result of continual improvements in more than 25 years' experience in the development of controllers for the HVAC/R market. Compared to the current family of pCO controllers (pCO3), the pCO5 has been enhanced with specific new functions to improve the efficiency of HVAC/R systems, such as integration of the electronic expansion valve driver, with ultra cap technology that guarantees the valve is closed in the event of power failures. In addition, the pCO5 offers more demanding designers up to five serial lines, three of which are always available and allow the protocol to be configured, plus two optional lines that can be configured in terms of both the protocol (Modbus®, BACnet™, CAREL, CANbus, Konnex LON) and the physical support (RS485, Ethernet, CAN, Konnex, Echelon®). Versions are available with both "Host" and "Device" USB ports for connecting a standard USB pendrive and connecting directly to a PC without needing serial coverters.
    Integration of these functions brings various benefi ts to manufacturers and designers of HVAC/R systems, including:

    • less wiring, as the EXV driver modules, battery charger modules and backup battery modules have been replaced in the pCO5 by the built-in EXV driver with ultra cap technology
    • guaranteed closing of the valve in the event of power failures, thanks to ultra cap technology. This eliminates the need for the solenoid valve that was previously required to guarantee closing of the circuit if no battery module was available more powerful and distributed control thanks to the fi ve serial lines, allowing management of smart actuators such as drivers for compressors with DC inverter technology, brushless fans (EC Fans), centrifugal compressors, variable flow-rate pumps, serial sensors, wireless probes, heat meters, etc.
    • lower overall cost than the pCO3 thanks to integration of the functions described here

    Naturally, the pCO5 guarantees perfect compatibility with the entire range of pCO3 controllers, in both HW and SW terms, so as to protect and guarantee the investments of CAREL customers

  • Plus

    • Backward Compatibility - pCO5 is Pin to Pin compatible with pCO3. Software is fully binary compatible using pCO3 emulation BIOS.
    • Connectivity - pCO5 features two integrated serial interfaces, two optional expansion cards and two USB ports.
    • USB - Simple service and monitoring using the standard USB ports. USB Host port available to connect standard USB dongle and USB Device port to connect to a PC without external converters.
    • Energy Saving - pCO5 Medium model embeds two EVDEVO Expansion Valve Drivers with optional Uptracap module, for integrated energy saving management.