pCOXS (I/O board)

pCOXS (I/O board)
pCOXS (I/O board) pCOXS (I/O board)
  • General characteristics

    pCOXS is been designed to resolve the need for compactness and reliability in the control of chillers and heat pumps, small roof-top units and single-circuit precision air-conditioners, which until now have been covered only by parametric controllers. The flexibility of pCOXS allows the rapid and extended customisation of the software, while maintaining complete compatibility with the existing pCO sistema controllers and user interfaces and the other pLAN network modules (FCM speed controllers, drivers for direct expansion valves, aria series controllers). The compactness of the controller (8 DIN modules) and the number of inputs and outputs (21 in total) make pCOXS a versatile and competitive solution for manufacturers of air-conditioning units.
    pCOXS is also ideal for the manufacturers of air handling systems, with a special version featuring the MP-Bus (Belimo) protocol for easy connection, using a single two-wire cable, to all the servo controls in the installation (maximum of 8), as well as an active or passive sensor for each servo control. pCOXS consequently allows the management of large air handling systems for limited costs.