pCO5+ / pCO5+ HS

pCO5+ / pCO5+ HS
pCO5+ / pCO5+ HS pCO5+ / pCO5+ HS pCO5+ / pCO5+ HS
  • General characteristics

    The pCO5+ and pCO5+ HS controllers offer specific features to improve efficiency in HVAC/R systems:

    • the type of all analogue input channels can be configured as:
      - digital input (voltage-free);
      - analogue output (PWM or 0-10 V);
      - wide selection of probes required for various applications (NTC, PTC, PT100, PT500, PT1000, 0-1 V, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA);
    • built-in EVDEVO drivers for controlling electronic expansion valves with Ultracap technology, ensuring the stepper electronic expansion valve closes in the event of power failures;
    • connectivity, providing the most demanding designers up to 5 serial lines, 3 of which are always available, configurable in terms of protocol (CAREL or Modbus®) and type (FieldBus or BMS) and 2 optional lines, also configurable in terms of protocol (Modbus®, BACnet™ , CAREL, KNX, LonWorks) and physical support (RS485, Ethernet, KNX, FTT-10). Versions are available with “Host” and “Device” USB ports for programming the pCO5+ with standard USB flash drives or direct connection to a PC without needing a serial converter.


    pCO5+ moreover guarantees perfect compatibility with the entire range of pCO3 and pCO5 controllers, in terms of both hardware (pin-to-pin compatible) and software, so as to protect and guarantee the investments made by CAREL’s customers.
    pCO5+ HS represents the highest-performance proposal in the pCO platform, while ensuring perfect backward compatibility in terms of hardware with the entire range.



  • Plus

    Backward compatibility

    pCO5+ and pCO5+ HS are pin-to-pin compatible with the pCO5 and pCO3 controllers. The pCO5+ software is binary compatible using the pCO3/pCO5 emulation BIOS. Furthermore, Carel software (1tool, pCOManager, SmartKey Programmer) can be used to load the binary files onto the new pCO5+ HS.


    The new pCO5+ HS guarantees improved performance both in terms of application times (start-up and cycle) and update speed.


    pCO5+ and pCO5+ HS come with two built-in serial interfaces, two expansion slots and two USB ports. A wide range of optional cards is available for managing the communication protocols typically used in HVAC/R (Modbus, Carel, BACnet, LonWorks, KNX, HTTP, SNMP, SMTP and many others). Communication is also available with Carel Apps (using 1tool 2.10.18 or later).

    Energy saving

    The pCO5+ and pCO5+ HS medium models are available in a version with two built-in electronic expansion valve drivers and an optional Ultracap module, for integrated energy saving management.


    pCO5+ and pCO5+ HS provide up to 10 universal I/O channels, allowing custom arrangements of inputs/outputs. Thanks to the CAREL proprietary ASIC chip, the universal channels can be configured independently as analogue inputs, digital inputs or analogue outputs.