pCO5 compact (I/O board)

pCO5 compact (I/O board)
pCO5 compact (I/O board) pCO5 compact (I/O board)
  • General characteristics

    The new pCO compact series has been designed to obtain a programmable controller that is compact - just 6 DIN modules - yet at the same time with high capacity in terms of connectivity and integrated functions.
    pCO compact is compatible as regards both the hardware and software with the pCO family; consequently, it's versatile for all types of applications and requirements in the HVAC/R sector.
    There are two versions of pCO compact, which differ in terms of the number and type of inputs / outputs, so as to best adapt to the needs of the application:

    • type A with 7 relay/SSR digital outputs, 2 0/10V-PWM analogue outputs, 8 analogue inputs;
    • type B with 5 relay/SSR digital outputs and 4 0/10V-PWM analogue outputs, 6 analogue inputs;


    As well as the possibility to interface with the most commonly-used BMS communication protocols (BACnet, Modbus, LON, Konnex, …) by adding optional serial cards, pCO compact has a built-in Fieldbus RS485 / tLAN port. It also comes with two USB ports (host and device), used to upload and download the application program and data logs via pendrive or direct connection to a PC.
    The built-in user interface has a white positive LCD, with 132x64 dot resolution, allowing a high degree of customisation, plus a six-button membrane keypad.

  • Plus

    • Backward Compatibility - pCO5 is Pin to Pin compatible with pCO3. Software is fully binary compatible using pCO3 emulation BIOS.
    • Connectivity - pCO5 features two integrated serial interfaces, two optional expansion cards and two USB ports.
    • USB - Simple service and monitoring using the standard USB ports. USB Host port available to connect standard USB dongle and USB Device port to connect to a PC without external converters.
    • Energy Savings - pCO5 Medium model embeds two EVDEVO Expansion Valve Drivers with optional Uptracap module, for integrated energy saving management.