heaterSteam titanium

heaterSteam titanium
heaterSteam titanium heaterSteam titanium
  • General characteristics

    heaterSteam titanium is a heater humidifier that stands out not only for its performance in terms of precision and continuous modulation in humidity control, but also for having achieved unprecedented levels of reliability.

    The titanium heaters - a world exclusive - are designed to operate with extremely aggressive water, such as water demineralised/deionised water with a conductivity of less than 1 µS/cm, and softened water down to 0° fH.
    The reliability of titanium, protection against overheating (heaterSteam is the only humidifier on the market whose heaters come with temperature probes) and the rotation and redundancy functions make the Carel solution ideal for applications in which service continuity is crucial (cleanrooms, hospitals and museums): in fact, maintenance can be carried out on one unit while the other humidifiers in the system continue operating, automatically making up for lost production.

    Exceptional performance: heaterSteam titanium is the response to the need for precise relative humidity control, being able to respond to the humidity request with an accuracy of ± 1%. Modulation of production capacity from 0 to 100% and the possibility to preheat the water inside the cylinder mean heaterSteam is ready to respond promptly to variations in humidity request.

    The new-generation electronic controller makes heaterSteam titanium even more unique. Modbus and BACnet communication protocols are available as standard, on both the BMS serial and Ethernet ports: no additional electronic cards are needed. The Ethernet connection can also be exploited to access the integrated web server via the local network. This means the unit can be configured and monitored directly from a web browser on a PC or tablet.

  • Plus

    heaterSteam titanium represents the new frontier in cutting-edge technology applied to air humidification. Its features make it the natural solution for mission-critical applications:

    • very high precision: ±1% around the relative humidity set point
    • absolute reliability: titanium heaters, redundancy and rotation functions, anti-foam system
    • connectivity: integrated BACnet and Modbus, USB port, webserver, Wi-Fi probe capability



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    Code PH18LUR305-heatersteam-range
    Description CAREL-heaterSteam process-Resistive steam humidifier-Isothermal Humidifier
    Date 01/07/2021
    Release R.0