WTS Large

WTS Large
  • General characteristics

    The Large version of the CAREL reverse osmosis system has been designed for treating water intended for use with high-capacity steam humidifiers, such as gaSteam, and for the entire range of adiabatic atomisers, including humiFog Multizone Touch.
    Thanks to the use of special membranes, the WTS can purify the water of all the substances dissolved in it, such as mineral salts, chlorides, silicon, iron and even microbes and bacteria. The water produced (permeate) is highly pure, with very low conductivity and physical, chemical and organic characteristics that make it suitable as feedwater for humidifiers. Consequently, maintenance is reduced, build-up of mineral salts is minimised, the introduction of mineral salt dust into the rooms is avoided and hygiene is improved.


    WTS Large is available in six sizes: 160, 320, 460, 600, 1000 and 1200 l/h, all with the same footprint. The reverse-osmosis water is stored in the floor-standing external expansion tank at a pressure between 2 and 4 bars, or in a storage tank equipped with booster pump when the difference in height from the humidifiers exceeds 10 m. An optional UV steriliser can be installed downstream of the expansion tank to ensure the highest level of hygiene, guaranteeing the absence of biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, moulds, spores and yeasts. Pre-filtration using an activated carbon filter helps eliminate the chlorine content in the mains water, which over time can be harmful to the membranes. The conductivity of the RO water, measured by a calibrated sensor and displayed on the controller’s main screen, provides information on the quality of the permeate and the effectiveness of the membranes. 


    The unit is also equipped with a conductivity sensor at the untreated water inlet. The flow-rates of permeate, concentrate (drained) and recirculated water can be calibrated using adjustable needle valves. A dosing pump injects a descaling solution compliant with EN 15040 or NSF/ANSI 61, so as avoid scale build-up on the membranes, while ensuring compatibility for human consumption. The descaling solution allows the ROL unit to operate with a water hardness up to 500 ppm of CaCO3 (50 °fH) without using a water softener. The electronic controller manages operation automatically and offers a quick and intuitive user interface via the display on the unit. 


    The design of WTS Large optimises field service, maximises water recovery (i.e. the ratio between the water produced and the water consumed), simplifies installation and commissioning operations, and facilitates access to the system components for monitoring and maintenance operations.

  • Plus

    Water saving    

    The type and arrangement of the membranes helps achieve a ratio of demineralised water produced to mains water consumed of up to 70%.

    Simple and fast routine maintenance

    Simple and fast routine maintenance ensured by easy access to all the parts.

    Quick start-up 

    Quick start-up thanks to the intuitive layout of the unit and clear and effective instructions.

    Operating flexibility

    Two different levels of demineralisation, depending on the application downstream and the materials used, reverse osmosis or nanofiltration membranes.