WTS Compact

WTS Compact
  • General characteristics

    The Compact version of the new CAREL reverse osmosis system has been developed for treating water intended for use with humiSonic and heaterSteam humidifiers and small atomisers. Thanks to the use of special membranes, the WTS can purify the water of all the substances dissolved in it, such as mineral salts, chlorides, silicon, iron and even microbes and bacteria. The water produced (permeate) is highly pure, with very low conductivity and physical, chemical and organic characteristics that make it suitable as feedwater for humidifiers. Consequently, maintenance is reduced, build-up of mineral salts is minimised, the introduction of mineral salt dust into the rooms is avoided and hygiene is improved.


    WTS Compact is available in four sizes: 25, 40, 80 and 140 l/h, the latter with a larger wall-mounting panel. The reverse-osmosis water is stored in the external expansion tank, equipped with a wall-mounting bracket, at a pressure between 2 and 4 bars. An optional UV steriliser can be installed downstream of the expansion tank to ensure the highest level of hygiene, guaranteeing the absence of biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, moulds, spores and yeasts. Pre-filtration using an activated carbon filter helps eliminate the chlorine content in the mains water, which over time can be harmful to the membrane. The conductivity of the reverse osmosis water, measured by a calibrated sensor and displayed on the electronic controller’s main screen, provides information on the quality of the permeate and the effectiveness of the membranes. The flow-rates of permeate, concentrate (drained) and recirculated water are fixed by flow reducers. Only the operating pressure needs to be set on site, adjusting the screw on the rotary vane pump until the operating pressure described in the user manual is reached. 


    An optional mixing kit is available to increase permeate conductivity by mixing with the feedwater, thus allowing operation of immersed electrode humidifiers in places with hard water.

  • Plus

    Small footprint   

    Wall mounting minimises the space required for installation.

    Easy start-up

    Fixed concentrate and recirculation flow-rates thanks to the flow reducers.

    Water saving

    Water saving thanks to recirculation of part of the concentrate.

    Simple and fast routine maintenance

    The only routine maintenance is the simple replacement of filters and flow reducers.