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easy way
easy way easy way
  • General characteristics

    The Easyway system comprises four elements:
    • The Access Point, which allows communication between devices using the CAREL RS485 protocol (pCO sistema, PlantVisor) and the EasySet terminals, EasyReader sensors or other repeaters.
    • The EasySet terminal, which measures the room temperature and - depending on the model - humidity, is used to set certain parameters, such as the temperature and humidity set points, the operating mode and time bands, and send the data to the Access Point.
    • The EasyRead sensor, which sends the Access Point the temperature and humidity readings, depending on the chosen model.
    • The Repeater, which is used to communicate with the terminals and sensors, or other repeaters, and send the data to Access Points located too far away to receive the signal. The Repeater therefore relays the signal between devices located in the room and the Access Point, when distances are too high for correct reception.

    The "Easyway" system can be marketed in all European Union countries. For all other countries, check the legislation in force with regards to the radio specifications.