th-Tune th-Tune
  • General characteristics

    th-Tune is the CAREL room terminal that allows users to control temperature and humidity in residential environments. Depending on the model, the terminal can be fitted with a temperature probe or temperature and humidity probe, while the power supply may be 230 Vac or 24 Vac/Vdc. th-Tune is compatible with the main flush-mounted switch boxes available on the market (IT, US, DE, CN).

    Temperature and humidity setting is simple and intuitive using the knob on the front with rotary encoder. th-Tune also lets users adjust some settings for the room controller, such as operating mode and time bands. Control and information displayed depend exclusively on the controller that th-Tune is connected to. The compact dimensions and elegant design make the terminal easy adaptable to all types of rooms. Connection to the pCO controller is available over the RS485 network using the Modbus protocol.