• General characteristics

    The pGDx family is CAREL's response to the needs of an increasingly demanding market in terms of size and performance, for interfacing with the pCO and c.pCO sistema family controllers.
    To ensure maximum flexibility, several different versions are available, in terms of screen size (4.3”, 7”, 10” and 15”), connectivity (RJ12, one or two Ethernet ports, WiFi) and types of touchscreen (resistive/capacitive).
    Starting from the pGDx 4.3”, which can be used to evolve HVAC/R units designed for the pGD1 without modifying any of the electrical connections, the proposal has been expanded to include the brand-new pGDx 7”; this takes the concept of unit terminal to a whole new level, extending connectivity via the WiFi connection (both in Access Point and Station mode). The range is completed by 10” and 15” capacitive displays that guarantee the highest levels of performance.
    Furthermore, when combined with specific accessories, the various different models can be installed in multiple applications and a wide range of environments; either as an indoor or outdoor unit terminal, or as a room terminal.
    All of the displays in the new CAREL range are programmable using the c.touch suite, allowing quick conversion of projects created with the previous suite (1tool touch editor for pGDTouch).

  • Plus

    Built-in temperature and humidity probe

    Can share the values read with both the display and the connected controller. This new feature means concrete advantages for the room terminal solution: just one single device can be used, rather than two, to manage the function of both instruments. [valid for 4.3" and 7"]

    Micro-USB port

    At the front, concealed by a faceplate, for easier access. [valid for 4.3" and 7", full USB for 10" and 15"].


    For wireless communication between the unit displays (4.3” and 7”) and the controller networks and any external devices. The displays can be used as a Wireless Access Point (WAP) or as a Wireless Client Station. This makes data control easier. [valid for 4.3" and 7"]

    Dual Ethernet port

    Increases the connectivity and data usage functions. These can in fact be configured in two different ways: dualMAC and switch. [valid for 7", 10" and 15"]. 

    The CONTROLLA app

    Makes the data easier to read by using the display’s WiFi connection. Using their own mobile device, tablet and/or smartphone, users can view the desired information without needing to interact directly with the display, making it no longer necessary to be physically present.  [valid for 4.3" and 7"]