mpx NA

  • General characteristics

    MASTER version mpx is the most complete CAREL controller for the management of multiplexed cabinets (supermarket applications) and cold rooms. It allows the creation of a local network (mpxLAN) of up to 6 instruments, with management in master/slave configuration. Some control functions and parameters (using the download function) can be shared between the various instruments in the mpxLAN. The connection to supervisory systems is handled by the master. The clock, fitted on the master controller, manages the defrosts on all the showcases connected in the mpxLAN (8 times can be set). The instrument also features functions that make it compliant with the HACCP standards. The electrical connections are made using quick-fit multiple connectors. In the models with 4 relays, the compressor (or electrovalve), the defrost function and the evaporator fans can all be managed, while the auxiliary MULTIFUNCTION relay can be used as an alarm or light switch. The master instrument, if necessary, can also be configured as a slave, by setting the corresponding parameter. SLAVE version An mpx instrument in the slave version can be connected in an mpxLAN to a master, using two wires, with a total of 6 instruments in the local network (1 master+5 slaves). Each mpx controls its own refrigeration unit completely independently, in coordination with the other instruments. In fact, the presence of a master instrument allows the management of synchronised defrosts