Smartcella 3PH

Smartcella 3PH
  • General characteristics

    Smartcella 3PH is a stand-alone controller for complete three phase cold room management, also available with embedded EVD driver.
    The range of products can manage three-phase compressors up to 10 HP and different load configurations (single/three-phase). 

    Full cold room control
    Smartcella 3PH exploits the same control logic, parameters and user interface as SmartCella (IR33+), but with the addition of all contactors and protectors for controlling the majority of three-phase cold room devices.

    Input contacts:

    • 2 NTC probes, for room and defrost temperature
    • 1 digital input for door switch
    • 1 additional NTC probe or digital input that can be configured depending on requirements 
    • pressure switch (pump-down)
    • fan thermal protector
    • defrost heater thermal protector
    • pressure switch (high or low pressure alarm)
    • Kriwan protector
    • Pressure and temperature (superheat management, only EVD version)

    Multilanguage EVD EVO display connectable (Only SmartCella 3PH EVD, not included).

    Output contacts:

    • compressor
    • condenser fan
    • evaporator fan
    • defrost heaters
    • relay (AUX1) for cold room lights (configurable)
    • relay (AUX2) for cold room alarm (configurable)
    • solenoid valve
    • compressor crankcase heater
    • Kriwan power supply
    • EEV (only on SmartCella 3PH EVD)
    • EVD configurable relay (only on SmartCella 3PH EVD)

    Personnel safety and device protection
    All Smartcella 3PH models are equipped with a main switch (disconnect switch) accessible from the front door of the panel that acts as an emergency switch, cutting off power supply to the cold room and the loads and/or as an operator safety device, preventing access to the live parts when power is supplied.
    Thanks to the adjustable motor protector, Smartcella 3PH can protect most compressors up to 10 HP available on the market.
    Protection of cold room loads is assured by circuit breakers.

    Smartcella 3PH shares the same family feeling, control logic, parameters and user interface as Smartcella (IR33+), making system configuration and commissioning much faster.
    Additional LED indicators on the front of the panel provide immediate feedback on load contactor status, warning the user when a protector has been activated. The warning LEDs also allow a clearer view of panel status, even from a distance.
    A convenient terminal block is available for all input and output connections, with plenty of room to work, guaranteeing easy and fast wiring.
    Additional flexibility and adaptability is ensured by the configurable AUX relay, the possibility to connect and configure an additional probe or digital input, and the possibility to modify or replicate the configuration via VPM software.


    High efficiency
    The EVD EVO driver embedded in the SmartCella 3PH EVD controller is the energy saving solution for three-phase cold room applications, thanks to precise evaporator superheat management.
    A graphic display and a simple programming procedure allow the controller to be started after selecting just few parameters.
    EVD EVO is available with Ultracap technology that assures safe valve closure in the event of power failures, avoiding the need to install an additional solenoid valve in the circuit.

  • Plus

    • Full cold room control
      Stand-alone solution with complete three-phase cold room management, including the compressor.
    • Personnel safety
      Main switch (disconnect switch) on the front of the panel.
    • Usability
      Indicator LED for real-time monitoring of load contactors (independent of control logic). SmartCella (IR33+) based logic.
    • High efficiency
      EVD EVO with Ultracap embedded to drive Carel EEV.